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What is Expo?

What is Expo?

What is Expo?

Defined as a cultural, historical and educational olympics of the world, EXPOs congregate countries in an effort to share their vast knowledge in their respective expertise for a more livable world.

This is where the ideas, not the products are exhibited for cultures and the future of the world.

EXPO is an abbreviation for EXPOsition. It means “Sergi” in Turkish. EXPOs are called “World Exhibition”.

EXPOs are not trade fairs. It can defined as a theme and cultural event based on creativity for educational purposes. The theme and cultural events aim at dealing with global topics such as technology, innovation and natural adaptation, and blending knowledge and cultural heritages of all countries and their future expectations.

Guiding in development of mankind and integration with tolerance through social, cultural and educational aspects, the Global EXPOs are held every 5 years. Millions of professionals and tourists pay a visit to EXPOs that are open for a period of 6 months.



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